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Welcome to UPN

AWRM’s latest effort to restore the Republic.  Our UPN reporters will be posting news and editorials directly related to the loss of American’s Rights and Freedoms, natural or man made disasters,  government inspired terrorism or police state tyranny.

Our key feature is the UPN Livestream tv broadcast channel which you can watch directly from UPN or AWRM.org. You can also  watch “videos on demand” by accessing our video file library. As time permits we will be adding many new training and preparedness videos to this collection. So stay tuned. We are also hosting full length educational films in the UPN video library.  Click the "video" link to access them.

You can access our new chat room feature by clicking the chat link at the bottom of the UPN screen.

If you have relevant Militia, Patriot, or Breaking News reports or videos you would like to submit for broadcast contact: [email protected]

While UPN is non profit, we do have expenses and funds must be raised to expand and grow the operation.  Donations, support or advertisements are greatly appreciated.

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