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The PBD is provided as a service to our viewers.  All businesses advertised on this page are Patriot owned and operated. 



TAPCO dealer
MAGPUL dealer
ITW dealer
Gunzilla Dealer
and EVERYthing else short of actual firearms....

get it for LESS at www.TrulyTactical.com  


Here are some Truly Tactical Upgrades that I've been offering guys for awhile now and have had nothing but positive responses...

So... if you're an SKS owner... Get ready to ROCK it!

1) Marcus SKS Mag Adapter as seen HERE in this You-Tube Demo... (yeah... that's me...)
and HERE
Rock that SKS with Modified Tapco 20 round Mags... NO DUCKBILL means saying YES to loading out your LBV or MOLLE Plate Carrier with your SKS Mags!! Say goodbye to the "Bra" stripper-clip pouches...!


The Dunamis SKS MilSpecPLUS™ Truely Tactical Magazine Release.
as seen HERE (watch the DEMO)You've NEVER seen an SKS like THIS one...

All Prices at


5% of gross sales from this ad will be donated to AWRM... so... be sure to mention AWRM when you contact me.
Dunamis (Antibabylon)
[email protected]
check out my You-Tube channel for my other SKS DIY videos...



Slagle Gunsmithing

We are a gunsmithing shop first and foremost, and therefore we will not have a large stock of firearms, and will also be by appointment only. We will however, order anything the customer wants, (provided we can get it), for a fair price.

We can do any kind of repair, and refinish up to and including hot blue, cold blue, DuraCoat, parkerizing, and even custom rifles. We have a complete machine shop. Lathe, mill, Mig and arc welding, as well as oxy-acetelyne, the whole deal. We are a licensed manufacturer, and can receive out of state work.

If you need anything, just emal me here  [email protected] .





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